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What is a longarm operator?

The longarm operator is a professional quilter who does quilting for monetary compensation and whose reputation for quality is always at stake. Longarm quilters want repeat customers and their customers' recommendations to their friends. Longarmers therefore take care to see that their customer's quilt is as lovingly quilted as the quilt maker would do it. Consider a longarmer when you finish piecing your next quilt top - a quilting friend is waiting to greet you.

Hand quilting will never be replaced by machine quilting. Each type of quilting has its own distinctive look. But, if done properly, machine quilting can be more durable. Non-quilters can use the services of a longarmer to turn any inherited quilt tops into family heirloom quilts.








As a quilting customer, what is your time worth to you? Quilting by a longarmer frees the customer to concentrate on piecing more quilt tops, spending time with loved ones, and spending more time at a favorite quilt store buying more fabric! The customer does not have to try to wrestle that huge fabric bulk through a home sewing machine. Pleats and puckers are virtually eliminated, at least as much as is humanly possible, assuming the top and backing are pieced flat to start.

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