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Service List



There are many designs to choose. Don’t worry we will help. Once you decide what will be placed on the quilt, we will ask questions to make sure you will be pleased. Some characteristics that are considered are: favorite colors, interests, age, gender.  This helps to ensure the quilt we be exactly what you wanted.

Our pricing formula is simple:
Length times width times 1.5
(L x W x 1.5)

our minimum price is $45.00
This charge is for the quilting only

Our quilts are “All over quilts”
Also known as Edge to Edge
You will be pleased with the results


Backing, Warm and Natural  Batting is available.  Ask for prices.


We also carry backing and photos are available for you to view our stock when you are ready. Prices do vary so please call or email in advance before sending your quilt. 

If we must iron your quilt, there will be an additional fee

If we sew your backing together, there will be an additional fee

Binding of the quilt

Country Boy Quilting offers a service of sewing on your binding.  When you bring in your quilt, bring in your binding if you wish to have it sewn by machine. 

Minimum pricing $20.00 and up. Call for a quote on your binding.

If you wish it can be hand sewn to the back. 

Prices vary on this service according to size. 

Trimming of quilts

We trim quilts FREE upon completion of quilting service.

If you do NOT want us to trim your quilt please specify prior to sending.
Or if you want us to trim down to 2-3 inches, please specify.


We have a variety of threads for your quilt.

Mail Orders

Country Boy Quilting is now accepting quilt tops by mail
Please call to get mailing instructions.

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